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The Gen Z Reckoning

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Gen Z, the generation born in the late 1990s and early 2000s, is coming of age in a radically new world. In the face of income inequality, school violence, racial injustice and climate change, our youngest generation is standing up, speaking out and harnessing their courage and creativity to claim the future they want – and they aren’t waiting.

From their personal passions to their career aspirations to their preferences for brands, Gen Z is proving that they give a damn, and they are ready to join with peers, brands and community members to create change together.

In October 2018, BBMG and GlobeScan fielded a national survey of 2,058 consumers to better understand people’s changing relationship with brands and the underlying dynamics of brand trust, leadership, loyalty, participation and brand evangelism.

Along with cultural trends research and qualitative interviews, our deep dive into the attitudes, beliefs, desires and behaviors of the leading edge of Gen Z (age 18 – 22) revealed?five strategies for brands to be more authentic in their eyes, more relevant in their lives and create more impact in their world together.

Curious? Read the full report and learn what matters for brands now, from the mouths of Gen Z.

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